Through Hell and the Thousand-Year Reich

By Wilfried Wlochal

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 978-1907785-08-5

PAGES: 263


FORMAT: Paperback

A child (the author) watches the midnight torch parade as Hitler sweeps into power in Germany, unaware that a war has been planned and he will grow up to become one of its soldiers. His childhood reflects the relative tranquillity of the country and sets the stage for a typical middle-class family coping in a deceptively peaceful environment. Then comes the war and his father is drafted into the army even before hostilities begin. Conscripted at age sixteen himself, and with military actions on the many battlefronts already in defeat, the author is caught in the vice grip between the Allies and the inexhaustible Russian Forces invading his homeland. Intimate letters between his parents reflect their love and despair. The post-war years paint colourful vignettes of the endless challenges of every-day life, of humour under ruins and of survival in adversity

About Wilfried Wlochal

Wilfried Wlochal was born in Germany in 1927 and is now retired in New Brunswick, Canada. He writes breezily, unapologetically and amusingly about an era most other writers obscure, and he manages to mix drama with laughter

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