The Warriors of Genesis

By Adrian Li

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785214

PAGES: 359


FORMAT: Paperback

Pennhi is a warrior of Genesis who was harshly banished from Heaven by the corrupt ruler Khrelis. The three Sins were once defeated by the warriors but their powers are rising once more. They are wreaking havoc on Earth and plan to destroy Heaven with their ferocious, ever-expanding army. Pennhi’s last hope in protecting humanity is to reunite the warriors of Genesis. With the help of a young man named Ken Jin, she must be prepared to do anything in order to persuade Khrelis to heed her warnings before the three dimensions are consumed by eternal darkness.

About Adrian Li

Adrian Li was born in Greenwich in 1988. He was brought up working in a Chinese takeaway but the family business was sold when he graduated from medical school. He continues to work as a doctor whilst simultaneously fulfilling his passion for writing. Adrian also enjoys playing the piano and is a keen football player.

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