Sowing the Seeds of Karma

By Jon Lewis-Fallows

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785207

PAGES: 289


FORMAT: Paperback

The rainforests are dying, our fuel supplies are almost empty, wars erupt daily as a way of life, and population growth is out of control. Meanwhile, humankind is busy updating their status.

One ordinary man, John Smith, has been randomly selected to visit a Utopian World, to find ways with which to save our planet. Smith hates humanity and has never found his real place in a world which has lost its way. Will Smith return home with the information our dying world desperately needs, or will he abandon us all to our certain doom?  We have been warned that this will be our final opportunity to make a change. An opportunity which may well have been given to the wrong man.

About Jon Lewis-Fallows

Like the anti-hero in this, my début novel; I too, have never really found my 'place' in the world. I have always enjoyed writing; having previously concentrated on short-stories, poetry, music, and songs. The themes have always been about looking at the world with honest eyes, and an underlying 'want' to make a change. However, I always felt like I had a whole, big, book inside me, fighting to get out. So, one mid-life crisis later, I produced this work. A novel that is in every way; me. I live in Burnley, Lancashire with my wife, Rosie, and two boys; Daniel, and Alfie.

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