Saxon Shakedown

By Mike Noakes

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785078

PAGES: 220


FORMAT: Paperback

Anglo Saxon culture seems to be broken. Crime, unrest, greed, selfishness, a general lack of responsibility and a failure to accept consequences all create a poor reflection of society. To add insult to injury, political correctness defies common sense, yet is incorporated into our laws. It looks as though the modern Anglo Saxon countries of Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have lost their way as they move into the twenty-first century. This book looks at our strong common culture and its historical beginnings, examines why it is going wrong now, and suggests how these sovereign states, together parts of the Anglo Saxon nation, can re-invigorate their hope for the future

About Mike Noakes

Mike Noakes is a political and military analyst, who lives with his family in Kent, England

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