Jeff's World

By Markus U. Lövkvist

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785108

PAGES: 147


FORMAT: Paperback

eff is a not like the other airplanes. He makes mistakes, wanders off in his thoughts and follows unexpected impulses. A sudden leap of freedom forces him into a world of shame and suffering. One day, a peculiar character enters his new reality and helps him to find out some beautiful things about himself and the new world that’s waiting beyond the clouds.

Through the curious world of our friend Jeff, we solve riddles, have insights and learn tricky words from adventures far up in the sky down to a paradise we only could dream about. Laugh and marvel over one-eyed pigeons, uptight ladies and alphabetical baking! One’s point of view or – perception - as we learn is a key-point in this story and it shows how unique we all are with our appearances, opinions and behaviour.


It’s up to you…

About Markus U. Lövkvist

Born in Sweden, 1985 but has never lost the curious eyes of a child that has taken him on adventures all around and within himself. He spends a lot of time on the road and enjoys conveying his experiences both through words and images. His work has lately focused on our ability to create a unique version of the world.  “Jeff’s World” is Lövkvist’s first children’s book to be published.



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