Fen Freshers

By Antony Wells

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785054

PAGES: 321


FORMAT: Paperback

Life at St Matthew’s College, Cambridge is a great disappointment to Lucy Lamont, a lively new undergraduate, until she meets Pauline Marchmont. Beautiful and charismatic, the Zuleika Dobson of her age, Pauline weaves a spell over her year of fresher undergraduates and in particular the impressionable Lucy. But behind the image lurks a dark secret, and too late Lucy realises what she has got herself into.Their Tutor, Dr Mary Dawson, is looking forward to meeting the new intake but, unknown to her, this year will not be like any other. Accusations of cheating, wild partying, sexual shenanigans and dare-devil climbing coupled with the exploits of the unruly Amberson Society all land at her door whilst she herself has her own errant behaviour to justify. As the year unfolds friendships and rivalries are brought to a climax as the college is embroiled in a scandal that threatens its very reputation.

About Antony Wells

The author lives in the Lake District and was formerly a schoolmaster in West Cumbria, though initially from London. He was an undergraduate at Cambridge and has drawn on his experiences then and knowledge of modern Cambridge in writing this book. He has had poems and short stories published and pieces broadcast on Radio Cumbria, but this is his first novel. His interests include amateur dramatics and playing bridge.

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