Celestial Ride

By Kewal Paigankar

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785061



FORMAT: Paperback

Celestial Ride is the author’s second book of poems, a follow-up to A Ticket to Parnassus published in early 2010. It expresses and embodies his sensitive nature and a typically scholarly acumen that can capture and dissect even the most mundane settings and situations. Relying on acute observation and imagination, Celestial Ride presents itself as a documentary on human condition and a snapshot of contemporary life, a potent mix of fact and fantasy. There are common themes portrayed here, many sad and unusual, as well as vignettes of rich imagery and surrealism. There are moments of quiet reflection on issues affecting ordinary people as well as the unusual. Above all, Celestial Ride exemplifies the author’s open mind and the ability to delve beneath the surface to see a common theme that binds people.

About Kewal Paigankar

Born in India and educated in England, Kewal Paigankar took to poetry rather late, having been a writer of prose for many years during which he contributed to several Indian publications both in England and in India. He has written on sport, films and books before becoming disenchanted with lack of success and gave up writing for many years during the 90’s and the early part of last decade. However, his abiding love of words eventually encouraged him to take up the cudgels of writing in an effort to express himself in a different idiom.

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