Angelic Odyssey: A Light in the Dark

By Ronny Vinesh Sharma

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781907785153

PAGES: 356


FORMAT: Paperback

What happens when you die?


Heeno foresees his own death at a young age. He doesn’t want to leave his family and friends but he has no choice, fate has decided.


His journey takes him to both Heaven and Hell. Will the dark forces claim his soul or will good prevail?

About Ronny Vinesh Sharma

Ronny Vinesh Sharma was born in India in 1979. Ronny, who had a tough childhood, started to have unexplained visions from a very early age, which finally inspired him to write a book. Ronny is currently working on his second book called ‘Angelic Odyssey, The Divine Path’. He now lives in Ireland with his wife and little baby daughter.

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