The Ungodly Agenda

By Ronald and Philip Kinsella

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781780690667




Missing… Something..? But what, and where on Earth is it..? The Rakonians, an ancient and formidable extra-terrestrial force have come to Earth to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, and the US military have put their elite team on the job to assist in the mission. Professor Carole Mason, a pioneer in her field, Satellite Surveillance, is sent to create an innovative programme that will see the team successfully complete the mission. However, during this time, Professor Mason discovers that her programme and her technology is being manipulated by the alien force in a revenge attack - a revenge which involves another sinister secret which this missing artefact of theirs promises to purge. Intelligence, technology and speed are of the essence as the Rakonians grow impatient… And negotiation is futile…

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About Ronald and Philip Kinsella

Ronald and Philip Kinsella are identical twin brothers and the authors of numerous books; children's, science fiction and investigations into the paranormal. They are also artists, illustrating their juvenile stories. The twins currently reside in Bedfordshire (UK) and have appeared on television and radio.

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