The Rock Bottom Twins

By Ronald and Philip Kinsella

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781780690674




Meet Boogle and Buff Kings-Million - fat, grimy, argumentative and the most ungrateful and pompous identical twin brothers the world has ever encountered. Years ago, both had glittering careers as electronic engineering wizards, building super machines for companies and earning themselves plenty of money. But, sometimes, fame and fortune comes at a terrible price...! As the twins get richer, they become lazier. In fact, it reaches a point where they will only stir themselves to eat, drink and sleep. One fateful day, upon receiving news from their bank manager that they have carelessly squandered their fortune and owe the bank money, the twins become desperate... And so, the lazy duo conjure a daring plan which is quite simple and brilliant. The twin's natural inventive genius is pushed to the limit as they build themselves a huge, robotic man which, they believe, will solve all their problems by working and earning them plenty of money. However, the hastily-put-together RAMSHACK has his own ideas about work and, having been packed off to a stately home to begin his cleaning chores, the twins can't even begin to imagine the horrors to come as their plans go drastically wrong...!

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About Ronald and Philip Kinsella

Ronald and Philip Kinsella are identical twin brothers and the authors of numerous books; children's, science fiction and investigations into the paranormal. They are also artists, illustrating their juvenile stories. The twins currently reside in Bedfordshire (UK) and have appeared on television and radio.

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