The Rock Bottom Twind and the Nakubatty Mission

By Ronald and Philip Kinsella

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781780690681




We are going to Africa to nab the diamond using state-of-the art technology. The instrument will be ruthless - a machine armed to the teeth with as much arsenal and techno-wizardry we can muster - not even the tribe with all their sandals and spears will be able to stop it. Boogle and Buff, eccentric inventors, are identical twins. Join them and their ingenious robotic creations on their hilarious adventures as they travel to the Congo jungle. However, jungles are not to be approached lightly and Boogle and Buff are in for some nasty surprises on the way. Cannibals, alligators and other tropical horrors await their outlandish mission. The mix of the dangers of the jungle, the banter between the brothers, the 'personalities' of the robots as well as the superb illustrations make this book good fun to read. It is an ideal book for the younger reader and a must for every school library. Boogle and Buff are at it again! And what a real pleasure it was to accompany them on another mischievous, hilarious and fartacious adventure. We're anxiously awaiting the next 20 volumes of the world of Ramshack and The Rock Bottom Twins. Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

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About Ronald and Philip Kinsella

Ronald and Philip Kinsella are identical twin brothers and the authors of numerous books; children's, science fiction and investigations into the paranormal. They are also artists, illustrating their juvenile stories. The twins currently reside in Bedfordshire (UK) and have appeared on television and radio.

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