By Alexander Keena

IMPRINT: Artemis

ISBN: 9781780690766




What would it be like to hear other peoples thoughts? Not just read minds or feel empathy for emotions or desires, but actually hear thoughts word for word. Trapped in a life she doesn't seem to fit into and facing an imminent and unwelcome arranged marriage, Nisha wakes up in hospital after a freak accident to discover that is exactly what she can do. At first she thinks she's going crazy, then she thinks it must be a gift. But she tried to slip back into her old life, she soon finds out that hearing the inner thoughts of family, friends and even total strangers is more like a curse... Especially when what they're thinking

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About Alexander Keena

Alexander Keena was brought up and still lives in the East End of London. Adopted into a white family but from an Anglo-Asian background, his childhood was spent trying to find acceptance and identity in the seventies and early eighties before multiculturalism had fully evolved. Having worked at a variety of jobs from pizza delivery to bingo caller, and dated women from almost every conceivable race and religion, he has experienced a huge range of people and environments and continues live an unusual and ever changing life. His desire is to make every story memorable and different in both concept and characters.

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