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We care about our customers' peace of mind and, regarding the security of our records, we never divulge the personal details of our authors. Neither do we pass on any information that would identify an author's location. In fact, we actively discourage authors allowing the Media to record anything, other than an agreed contact number, to protect their personal details when being interviewed concerning their books. Therefore, we have means in place to protect your interests. We will never sell, transmit or pass on data about you to any third party Therefore, we use software which encrypts any information that is sent via input to us.

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In so far as the site could be studied by minors, we produce well-conceived and well-written literary works of a high standard on a wide range of subjects, some technical and scholastic books; romantic fiction and some books which suit only those aged 18 plus. The latter would bear the inscription warning on the back cover 'Adult Fiction Only.' In this connection we suggest that children's usage of books should be responsibly supervised so that the necessary awareness is in place to comply with relevant government advice and legal jurisdictions.

We will not be held liable for any loss, damage, disclosure or other matter resulting from your child's misuse of our website or its services, with or without your permission.

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Please ensure that you can read all the information on our website remembering that it is the intellectual property of the authors who have written the specific books described within it. You are not to use the site when intending damage or disruption to its safe operation. You may post reviews and comments on the website provided that the content is not illegal, abusive, racist, objectionable, scurrilous or libelous.

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