17th Sep, 2015

Litchfield Festival

Out next week

Inspired by the work of Ippolito Desideri, a pioneering, eighteenth-century Jesuit who wrote the first detailed account of Tibet, Ivan Cooper travels by clapped-out jeep and on horseback across the remote grasslands of eastern Tibet. In the company of an itinerant painter of deities who serves as guide and mediator he encounters, amongst others, Lama Sonam, a living Buddha held in reverence by the surrounding nomads, who summarily condemns him to rebirth in one of the Buddhist hells. In a chaotic monastic shanty town that has been illegally constructed around the residence of a living saint he narrowly avoids arrest. Alone and isolated in a land where few foreigners have set foot he is forced to re-evaluate both who he is and the fixed certainties of the culture in which he grew up.

17th Sep, 2015

People's Book Prize

People's Book Prize - Book : System

The People's Book Prize. Showcasing new titles every month in libraries and selected book stores across Britain, with only the public voting for the winners


17th Sep, 2015

Literary Festivals

Bristol Poetry Festival. Dates, details.

Literary Festivals UK provides dates and details of over 160 book festivals throughout the UK and Ireland. It lists the latest book award winning results...


17th Sep, 2015

Congleton Chronicle

D C Wood

The article from this week's Congleton Chronicle, featuring myself, Nik Perring, Rod Hughes and Elizabeth Lister and out photo from the Literary Evening at Congleton Library (1st March 2012)