Please read the following carefully before preparing your work for submission to us as publishers. Bear in mind that our publishing house is always eager to consider the work of new writers as well as that from published authors. It will accept unsolicited manuscripts provided they are appropriate to our standards and to our publishing lists.

As you will appreciate, only a small proportion of the manuscripts submitted to publishers are finally accepted for publication. Some of these are not looked at because the publishers' particular submission procedure was not adhered to or was ignored.
It is obviously logical and helpful to your own case, therefore, to choose a publisher who is interested in promoting the genre in which you have written. For example, certain publishers never publish poetry. Some only concentrate upon non-fiction titles. Others specialize in specific genre. The best way to find this out is to go to the local library and study 'The Writer's Handbook' for its lists of publishers and beside each name you will find a resume of what they publish.


How to Attain Success in Having your Manuscript Accepted

In all publishing constraints and in a publishing world dominated by a few very large publishing houses, presentation by the author is important if you are to get your work noticed. Some publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.
We do accept submissions from authors but expect our authors to follow the normal, acceptable procedures that are logical and already in place. The way you submit your work is important and will have a beneficial effect on the Artemis editors who will be receiving it.
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