Bloomsbury is renowned as a writer’s haven situated, as it is, near the internationally famous British Library and within easy reach of the centre of one of the most inspiring cities in the world, London. It is here that Artemis was established in order to be within an environment which is also near to every writer’s heart. The Company was set up with skilled partners from the publishing industry who wanted to give authors the opportunity to be able to deal directly with a publisher and avoid the frustration of finding themselves an agent.

Our list contains a wide range of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction, from world-wide sources and it is our additional goal aim to produce a variety of interesting and eminently readable books. These should be suitable for all ages and will be published covering a wide variety of genres. Therefore, we search for unusual topics which have been written about by authors approaching them from unexpected angles. We often find that people’s real life experiences compare very favourably with fictional book themes.

We do not believe in slush piles and consider that every aspiring author does deserve the chance to be published and for his or her book to be placed before the reading public who can then be the judges of its individual worth. In this way, we also profoundly wish to ensure the continuance of our traditions, of our heritage and of our various beliefs. We also need our individual freedoms to be protected through the wonderful media of the written word. Of course, in this fierce and demanding commercial market, we do currently need to look carefully at the quality of the writing that is sent to us, and its commercial viability must be appreciated. Our editors are able to carry out this important task. It is our sincere belief that every author should be given the freedom and opportunity to have his work put into publication without any unnecessary hindrance as to how it has been published.
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